How To Meet Humans *NOT* On A Dating Site

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So you want to meet another human, and not on a dating site, huh?

Well, there are a few different ways that I can suggest to you exactly how to do that. But you are going to have to do something totally exhilarating and almost unheard of anymore.

Girl, you’re going to have to put that phone down and GO OUTSIDE.

That’s right.

Well, instead of putting the phone down completely at least slip it into your pocket or your purse and take a nice walk outside. You’d be amazed at all of the wonders out there instead of scrolling aimlessly on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. Plus, getting some fresh air is good for your mind, body, and soul! If you want to meet someone *not* on a dating site (because ew, those are gross), follow my ideas below! Let me know in the comments section if you have ever met someone in one of the ways mentioned here. Spoiler alert: none of them are at a bar! 

  1. Travel

If you want to meet someone not on a dating site, take a trip. Literally. Pack your bags. Don’t forget your swimsuit, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Unless you’re going somewhere cold of course. Then you’d need a nice fluffy winter jacket and warm hat with gloves to match. Meeting someone from a different state or country is easy to do if you go out and travel. Chances are you will both enjoy each other! Why? Simply because you can offer each other different perspectives when it comes to things like; art, music, culture, food, and so on. You can learn new things, and learn about each other.

2. Join a local club or league

Join your local Knitting Association! Just kidding. Kind of. If you want to knit, then I say go for it! There are many clubs or leagues in your area that you can join. Try to sign up for something you find interesting. Maybe it’s a swim class, bowling league, chess club, or pool league. Some pretty great people I know attend pool league regularly. By finding a club to join, not only are you going to enhance your skills, but you will also meet other humans who share the same or similar interests as you. This will only make communicating with them SO much easier. You’ll be sure to hit it off right away. Naturally, I also suggest local book clubs at the library if you’re a bibliophile.

3. Try out for the Sports team

This idea is a bit similar to chess club, or pool league. The main difference is that you will be more physically active. If you’re a sporty person, this is the choice for you. Many park districts have local sports leagues like softball teams for adults. Some park district programs even offer things like fencing! Can you imagine meeting the new love of your life while holding a sharp object to his chest? How romantic. Dance classes might work too. Whatever your heart desires, is the way to go.

4. A Night at the Comedy Club

Go out with some friends to a comedy club. This is a great place to meet new people. The atmosphere will be friendly and everyone will be laughing. Hang out and mingle before or after the event begins, and you’ll be sure to find someone interesting. Even if you don’t you will have spent the entire night laughing; therefore not a minute of your time will have been wasted! This is a win-win situation. For your sake, hopefully, the comedian is funny. All jokes aside, I hope you find the lover of your dreams.

5. Go to a Concert

This one is a favorite of mine. Music has always brought people together for the entirety of it’s existence. I read in an article once that people who have the same taste in music speak a similar love language. This means if you find a partner who loves the same music as you, chances are you are going to have phenomenal chemistry. Next time you are at a venue seeing your favorite band perform, take a look through the crowd. Your future lover might only be standing a few feet away!  

6. Have a Picnic in the Park

During your picnic, don’t spill any mustard or mayo on your blouse or dress. That would be completely embarrassing. Local park districts usually have plenty of activities, or shows that you can attend, especially in the summer months. The park districts are known for throwing events like Pilates in the Park, Local band concerts, Movies in the Park, and more. In the Chicagoland area, there are loads of these activities to choose from. If you’re not in the Chicago area, head to your local park district website and check out their events calendar.

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7. Rummage Sales & Flea Markets

One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Ah yes. I love garage sales and flea markets. These are the best places to find treasure, and maybe another human that you can talk to about antiques and old video games. One day you will be standing there digging through that bin, reaching for that old Gameboy that you had as a kid when suddenly another hand tries to grab it from you. You look up, and boom! There is your new lover. Look at you go. Now you can fight over that vintage purple Gameboy and make acquaintances with each other. Don’t forget to take turns.

8. Go to the Lake or Beach

As a Chicagoan, it’s a pretty natural thing for me to say, “I’m going to the lake today.” Everyone knows that we are referring to Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is the lake that borders Chicago, and it’s a place we frequent in the summer for swimming, fishing, BBQing, and family activities. If you don’t have a Lake Michigan near you, head to your local beach, pier, or lake for a day of watery adventure. Being in nature is already a great place to meet someone, in my respectful opinion. The reason for this is because nature provides us elements required to maintain a calm state of being. You can’t stay mad when you are near water. You can’t be frustrated in a forest. Nature has a way of soothing us. Bust out that beach towel and soak up the sun. There is plenty of fish in the sea.. eh.. or near the lake! You catch my drift.

9. Museums

Gather up some girlfriends, make a date out of it and go to the museum! There are cultural centers, science museums, and art museums to choose from. There are also plenty of historical museums and anything that you can imagine museums. Truly, you can find a museum for any subject these days. In Oregon, there is a Big Foot Museum for cryin’ out loud. It’s actually on one of my vacation lists. The point is though, you can easily find some amazing people to meet in a museum based on your hobbies and interests. Chances are, the person you meet will have interesting things to talk about; Like whether Big Foot is real, or what Van Gogh was really thinking when he cut off his own ear. 

10. The Grocery Store and/or Laundromat

This list would never be complete, without adding the dreaded grocery store or laundromat. There is something intimate about meeting people with your dirty underwear in your hand. The grocery store is the classic place to meet another human. That’s what everyone says, at least. A friend of mine met a woman at a local grocery store once. He ended up marrying her! True story. Their grocery store fairy tale, unfortunately, did not last forever, but it happened.

However you meet your next love, I hope it’s a great experience for you! Let us know in the comments about your knit association or laundromat lovers.

Kimberly Anne is a freelance writer and aspiring author. She is currently in school working towards her BA in Creative Writing and English. Besides work and school, she is writing her first novel and helps small businesses design their websites and brands. You can follow @kimberlyanneinc on IG and Twitter.

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