Don’t Keep It Warm

I moved out of his bed today to the room down at the end of the hall

don’t keep it warm for me

he moved out of my heart long ago

like a poet’s words sprung from the blank page

but like my unborn children

he wasn’t every really there

(a laugh) – been around the block? Forget about goin’ ‘round the block; I’ve been around the

tryin’ to keep this warm

and my friends on babys 2 and 3

I had a dream the other night – that I could fly up outta my middle class rage

Just tryin’ to keep my shit warm

Keep it inside our four walls I was always told (tilt my head to the right), brought up that

And now my four walls, my four walls couldn’t ever be high enough to keep my shit from
leakin’ out and from getting’ everything ugly
Gotta stop keepin’ it warm

I moved out of his bed today but he moved out of my heart long ago

(a laugh) – through sickness and in health? He couldn’t even tie my shoes when my belly
was past the point of seeing the light of day

By: Kathryn China Hayzer
Kathryn China Hayzer is a true blue people person who can more than carry a tune. She is a NJ licensed driver who is fluent in Spanish. She is a professional Voiceover Artist, Properties Artisan/ Stage Manager and has been a member of Actors’ Equity Association for over twenty years. She is a mother, a wife and a lover of life. She is also a novice photographer, and an excellent listener who takes direction extremely well. She is a charismatic world traveler who enjoys outdoor activities, creating in the kitchen and derives great pleasure in being part of the magic, whatever that entails! You can learn about Kathryn at

“To me, being a goddess means reaching inner peace that was vacant in my life for so very long. It also means leading an authentic and honest life, and empowering my daughter and others to find their Hygge and to do the same.” – KCH 2021


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