Plainness, Humanized

Maybe I like the look of your lips curved in a frown
I'm in love with your sadness
It sounds sick
But I love it when you're down

I ask you what's wrong but your eyes are hollow
So is your chaste kiss
Hear that clock tick
I just want you to follow

Follow me to this sheltered world
Where your best friends are faceless
And your inner voice screams
These friends listen

I see your form - curled
But we're all just senseless
And you can't even remember your dreams
The sweat glistens

"I'm content right now with not being okay."

Because unless you learn to get rid of me
You won't be

By: Daena Switzer

Daena currently lives in Washington state with her husband of nine years, who she also considers to be her best friend. She is the mother of four children, two of whom she loves like her own. Through ups and downs, Daena had to restart her life four times. Over time, she has had to light herself aflame just to come out of the ashes alive. Daena enjoys writing, painting, hiking, singing, tinkering on cars, creating as much as she can, and loves music. She loves to learn new things, and her current obsession is permaculture. Daena has a huge soft spot for humanities and politics. She also loves to be the woman called “too much” and lives to ruffle feathers, invoke deep thoughts and conversation, and stir the pot. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and baking and dreams of opening her own restaurant that also features local artists and supports local farms.

“A goddess to me, means never apologizing or shrinking when someone says I’m too much or not enough. It is finding the courage to be myself in a world full of followers and to have faith in my ability to manifest my desires and to never second guess what is meant for me.” – DS 2021


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