Art by Sarah Gilbert

“It may not be important for everyone to be creative, or it’s just something we do instinctively; or to save money by making your own clothes, wooden bowls, furniture, etc. Mom sewed, knitted & embroidered for economical reasons before cheaper items flooded the western market, and I just took the habit of doing the same.

There’s a satisfaction that comes from having made things yourself.

Looking at a bookshelf and thinking I made that (and it’s still standing even filled with books, damn I’m good). Feeling warm in a sweater I made, not to mention it’s slimming to knit: you can’t eat with both hands busy! Some may say it’s relaxing, but it’s not a good idea to start working on crafts as an outlet for frustration. That’s when mistakes happen. I do find it meditative in some cases, depending on what I make. As for “being a goddess”, I leave that job to my pantheon. I’m a human and mortal.” – SG 2021

Sarah was born & raised in Norway. She grew up with summer vacations spent alternately with her mother’s family in France, or with her mom’s family visiting and traveling around Norway together. Sarah has also lived in Dubai, studied hotel management in Switzerland, and has also spent time in Luxembourg. Sarah is a mother of two, and at one point was a stay-at-home mom living in the countryside of Normandy with her 13 goats, 4 sheep, chickens, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, budgies, and a fish. She currently lives in Canada, but still has family in Norway & France. She has always doodled, kept a diary, had a love for photography, and enjoys creating her own wardrobe and knitting. Sarah has recently started wood carving due to influence from her grandfather who was excellent at the craft. When Sarah is in a creative mood, she likes to listen to Faun, Wardruna, or Tanabreddens Ungdom and zone out and get into whatever she is creating.


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