Waggin’ Rides: A Pet Transporter’s Diary by Lori French

Professional ground pet transport companies are the preferred way to ship pets for many families when moving long distance or adopting a new furry family member. Within the pages of Lori’s book, you will find stories of one pet transporter’s travels over hundreds and thousands of miles. Funny, sad, poignant, nerve-wracking and everything in between – it’s all there. Discover how life as a pet transport driver is not all puppies and kittens, but an epic adventure in life and living.

While Lori was living in Texas at the age of 45, she realized one day that something was missing in her life. No longer was she satisfied with her work from home transcription job. Lori was growing tired of typing all day long for her paycheck. She knew that she needed to find her passion. Fed up with the mundane routine, Lori decided to change her life. She was passionate about three things: Animals, Helping People and being out on the road. She knew at that moment that she would be able to make a living by transporting pets all across the country.

Lori’s story shows us that you can follow your dreams and passions at any point in life. She inspires others through her book and real life experiences with animals and traveling across the United States. Lori took an idea, and turned it into her reality. Within a short period of time, she had a business to run, website to manage and quote requests flooding in.

We asked Lori what her advice is to people who are thinking of becoming pet transporters. Here’s what she had to say: “It’s a very cut-throat business. If you want to be a pet transporter you have to be a MAJOR road warrior and need little sleep. Loving animals more than life is the key to success.”

It’s a very cut-throat business. If you want to be a pet transporter you have to be a MAJOR road warrior and need little sleep. Loving animals more than life is the key to success.

Lori French

Lori is now a self-published author thanks to her experiences and the encouragement of her family and friends. They always insisted that she shared her stories and write a book – so she made it happen!

“I adapt to any given situation and I am very determined if I set my mind on something. I think things through to the tiniest details so no stone is left unturned.”

— Lori French

Lori & Sam

Lori French was born and raised in Kansas, where her imagination grew as wild and free as the prairielands. Among her many talents, she has been a Legal Secretary, Coffee Buyer, Traffic Safety Officer and, obviously, a Pet Transporter. Waggin’ Rides is her debut book, written due to her adoring friends and family who thought the stories shouldn’t die with her. She loves scuba diving, traveling and just about anything having to do with animals. She is the mother of two amazing young men and is currently owned by one dog and one cat. 

Lori is also a supporter of the Beagle Freedom Project. We encourage our readers and followers to support Beagle Freedom Project and help rescue dogs from research laboratories.

Beagle Freedom Project legally negotiates for the release of dogs (almost always Beagles) from research labs across the world. Before their rescue, these dogs were known only by a tattoo in the ear and have never before been allowed outside to play and feel the sunshine. This non-profit organization rehabilitates these dogs, giving them top-notch veterinary care and finding their perfect forever homes!

Please support their work by volunteering, fostering / adopting, or donating at www.beaglefreedomproject.org


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