Warning Signs by Leanna Oki

From the suburbs of Toronto, Canada, indie artist Leanna Oki blends elements of soulful pop, R&B, and electronic music to create her unique and captivating sound. Finding her outlet in music at an early age, singing and songwriting have evolved into her forms of self-expression and therapy, serving as a way to release her inexplicable feelings and experiences.

Being self-taught in piano, guitar, and music production, Leanna is almost fully independent in her music creation until it nears the very final stages. She utilizes the strong projection of her voice, hard-hitting basslines, and an abundance of vocal layers to produce her signature bold style.

Her new song is set to be released for New Music Friday, Tomorrow, October 29th! It will be available on Amazon, Itunes & Spotify! You can find it here: Warning Signs

Leanna has shared with All Goddess Inc., that she was inspired to write her newest song, “Warning Signs”, after a very abrupt and unexpected ending to her last relationship. It completely caught her off guard and, “Warning Signs” is a reflection of her experience. The regret and disdain that she felt after becoming more aware of the warning signs in that relationship inspired her to create this latest track. We are excited to hear it and think it is a song that many people will relate to.

Leanna Oki records all of her music independently and works with a music engineer for production, mixing, and mastering her songs. Through her journey with music, she becomes more self-sufficient the more that she learns and creates.

Since 2018, Leanna has been composing and recording her own tracks and continues to create music that narrates her journey of heartbreak and healing. Throughout the pandemic, Leanna has been building her foundation as a new artist and is set to release her edgy dance-pop single, “Warning Signs”, on October 29, 2021. 

Singing and songwriting as my form of self-expression have helped me overcome many challenges in my life with resilience; and led me to become the confident, independent, and self-assured woman I am today.”

–Leanna Oki

Leanna has been featured across Canada by Toronto Guardian, Canadian Beats, Aesthetic Magazine, Ottawa Life, The Permanent Rain Press, The Wire Magazine, and Cashbox Canada. Her music has been aired on CBC Radio, CJMQ-FM, and KOOP Radio. Leanna also appeared on CTV Ottawa Morning Live for their Morning Jam.

Drawing inspiration from the emotionally freeing styles of Adele and Maggie Rogers along with the moody resonance of Banks and Lorde, Leanna aspires to be another prominent female musician that uses passion and soul to propel her sound. Leanna has received comparisons to the deep and rich tones of Phoebe Bridgers and Ruth B, while still maintaining her distinct vocal presence. “Her sound is deeply rich in passion with a powerful complexity, a true introspective delight” – The Wire Magazine.

“I’m hoping that this powerful disco-pop track will give people the urge to dance and let out their inner rage all at the same time..”

— Leanna Oki, Sing/Songwriter

All Goddess Inc. celebrates different women from around the world, and we love to know about their goddess qualities. We asked Leanna about what makes her a goddess, and this is what she shared with us:

I am a goddess because I exhibit strength and courage by vulnerably sharing my personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences through the music I create and put out into the world. Singing and songwriting as my forms of self-expression have helped me overcome many challenges in my life with resilience, and led me to become the confident, independent, and self-assured woman I am today. 

Music is a huge passion of mine and an incredibly important outlet for me to freely express my feelings and experiences in a way that stays true to my identity. I have always loved music and singing, and creating music has allowed me to do what I love and express myself in a deeply personal and authentic way.

To see more of Leanna’s work follow her by clicking the icons below:


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