Untitled by Kathryn China Hayzer

They never closed the doors within their house. Lies and deceit permeated the interstice between love and hate, (and over time caused) irreparable harm to something that could have been mundane. Hearts and desires superseding nuptials the voyage ended short in dismal and dissolute disarray. Belying their vows, trivial “he said” and “she said” was, virtually nonexistent, as each party sought refuge in the arms … Continue reading Untitled by Kathryn China Hayzer

Bricks: A Poem

Bricks and Stones surround her now. Clay from the Earth calms her now. Clay and Water, a perfect mix. They Form the Day. The bricks stack up. Layer after layer, they are all displayed. The weight becomes heavy. She is born. Sometimes it’s unbearable. This weight, she wonders. Is it charitable? It’s worth it. It has to be. No castle can be made without. Foundations … Continue reading Bricks: A Poem